Challenge Submission

Participants of the LOCATA Challenge had to sent a zip-file with their results to the challenge organizers via a download link for the file transfer platform WeTransfer.  The zip-file should contain a directory with the results in the form of txt-files as specified in the LOCATA documentation (Sec. 6). In addition, the zip-file needs to contain an Excel file or csv-file with further information about the challenge submission. Participants were able to submit results for a single or multiple challenge tasks as well as results for different algorithms. The submission deadline for the LOCATA Challenge was August 1, 2018. The challenge results were announced at the LOCATA satellite workshop during IWAENC 2018.


Paper Submission

Challenge participants had to submit a paper about their submission to the challenge organizers by August 15, 2018 (12:00 pm CEST). The paper should contain a description of the algorithm(s) used for the submission and, ideally, evaluation results obtained by the LOCATA development database. A Word and Latex paper template is provided here. Papers submitted to the LOCATA challenge are published on arXiv in the proceedings of the IEEE-AASP LOCATA Challenge. Challenge participants were highly encouraged to present their papers at the LOCATA workshop held as satellite event at IWAENC 2018 in Tokyo (Sept. 17-20, 2018).


Challenge Results

The proceedings of the LOCATA Challenge Workshop and the publication with the evaluation results of the challenge can be found here.